Although I had only a couple formal meetings of the photography club I managed to get some old cameras
I would let the students borrow. After they finished taking photos we would meet and discuss ways we
could improve the picture, creative ideas, write captions or edit them on a computer. These are just some
examples of the pictures they took. All pictures, videos and captions were made by the students . . .


Forest Something
alex panaitescu 9th grade

The Punk Rocker
pricope viorica 11th

X-bike Club
Duku and Coste 10th

Dogs at School
taicutu david gabriel 6th

Snowball Fight
george andrei 11th

A Life with Guitars
eduard dumitriu 10th

Oana's Garden
oana sunel 11th

The Life and Times of Cella
cella boldasu 11th

Stelly's First Travels (stelly 11th)